Very flexible sand casting boxes

Sand casting boxes, or containers rather I guess, made from
strips of sheet aluminium and packing tape. It is a very flexible system.
The stuff on the left in the last picture is a staircase to reach the top
of the box for pouring.


Sandbox fillers

Fillers to save some sand while packing boxes
for lost foam casting. These are socks filled with
expanded clay lightweight aggregate.

Ingot tweezers

A pair of tweezers for gentle charging of ingots
into the molten metal. You don't just want to drop
them as they hit the floor of the crucible pretty hard.

Drizzler MKII

An automated drizzler for wetting greensand.
Eskil Loftsson came over for the late shift and some posing.
It was hot like hell from having a badly isolated oven on for a weeks time.

Cajun cooking

There's no better place for cajun cooking than your workshop stove.

Sheet metal folding pliers

Simple altering of a pair of welding pliers.


For wetting greensand used in metal casting.
For the beginner wanting to pursue a career as maker of
homemade tools, this might be the place to start?

Camera bag

It is actually a very good camera bag.

Aluminium incident 2

Molten aluminium eats steel, so steel crucibles
have a rather limited lifespan and eventually leak.
Luckily there was not very much material in there
at the time. Aluminium incident 1 was a lot more
spectacular but no photography survived the event.

Cell phone reception tray

Small tray positioned in such a way that cell phone
reception is obtained in the basement.

Particle filter protectors

Or how to not melt particle filters while grinding steel.
Hot little pieces of steel tend to find their way inside the filters of this
mask where they generate a nasty smell of melting plastic.
This here add-on was made to tackle the problem.
The foils can be shaped into whatever form the wearer finds attractive.

Wheels for anvil

Lets you move this heavy piece around relatively
freely and to stow it out of the way while not in use.
The lever is detachable. The wheels come into contact
with the floor as it's tipped.

Vice mountable angle grinder

Bracket to turn an angle grinder into a really
portable and stowable bench grinder.

Indoor gutter

To prevent condensed water from dripping into computer
situated below the welding fumes extractor.

Cheap portable welding tables

Take any sheet of metal. Place it on pretty much any table.
Aluminium is nice outdoors as it doesn't rust.

Cheap welding gas

Regular MIG welding gas such as argon or argon-CO2 mixture is rather expensive.
You have to buy or rent a bottle and the gas itself isn't exactly cheap. CO2 fire extinguishers
however can be had for next to nothing at a junk yard. Just make sure there's still some
in it. You will now be MAG welding which works fine for regular steels, but not for
aluminium. You will need to make some slight modification to the connection of your
gauge to get it to thread on to the CO2 extinguisher.

Avoiding trouble with 7018 electrodes

7018 are really nice welding electrodes. They can however be
a bit difficult to ignite. That is until you understand what's happening.
As a lit electrode goes out there forms around the tip a ball of
non-conductive flux. All you need to do is remove this with a file
and you're good to go. I can't claim to have invented this method
but I'll include it for anyone learning to stick weld 7018.   

Ball hammer

Ingot molds

Reusable and partitionable.

Not too intelligent ingot casting

Pouring metal into tin cans gives off a nasty cloud of zinc. Or tin?
Then you have to cut the cans open to get your metal out.